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“Elevate your space with Aparici Urban Collection at Local Tile Co, including expert installation. Discover 72 unique patterns in each box.”


Aparici Urban Wall/Paint Series: Redefining Walls with Urban Chic

Immerse your walls in a contemporary tapestry of urban chic with the Aparici Urban Wall/Paint Series. As one of our flagship collections at Local Tile Co, Aparici consistently pushes the boundaries of design, and the Urban Wall/Paint Series stands as an epitome of modernity and sophistication, transforming walls into canvases of urban elegance.

The Urban Wall/Paint Series by Aparici is more than a collection of tiles; it’s a reflection of the dynamic energy found in urban landscapes. Meticulously curated, each tile within the series introduces a visual narrative of modern design, embracing sleek lines, bold patterns, and a diverse color palette inspired by the vibrancy of urban life.

Elevate your walls with the distinctive allure of Aparici Urban Wall/Paint tiles. The collection’s versatility allows you to create an ambiance that mirrors the contemporary aesthetics of urban spaces. From residential accent walls to commercial settings seeking a touch of metropolitan flair, the series seamlessly adapts to diverse design preferences.

Exclusively available at Local Tile Co, the Urban Wall/Paint Series invites you to reimagine your interiors, offering a sophisticated backdrop that speaks the language of modernity. The tiles not only cover surfaces but redefine the visual landscape, transforming walls into statements of urban chic and timeless elegance.

Redefine your spaces with the luxurious aesthetic of Aparici Urban Wall/Paint Series, where every tile tells a story of urban sophistication and design innovation. Each tile becomes a brushstroke, creating a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of contemporary living. Immerse yourself in the sleek lines and captivating colors, echoing the rhythm of urban life within your walls.

Experience the transformative power of Aparici Urban Wall/Paint Series, exclusively available at Local Tile Co. Elevate your interiors with a collection that embraces the spirit of urban chic, offering a visual journey into the heart of modern design. Let your walls become a canvas of sophistication and contemporary allure, where every tile narrates a story of urban elegance that transcends trends.


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