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Designed by by Francisco Segarra

Originating in the 19th century, hydraulic tiles are handmade colourful cement tiles commonly used as floor and wall tiling in the Mediterranean and throughout Europe until the 1960s. Designed by interior and designer Francisco Segarra, the FS Star collection is inspired by the graphic design of vintage hydraulic tiles. Available in four colors, the distinct character of the collection’s nine different designs feature tone and shading variations that imitate natural aging, suitable for any contemporary space looking to recover vintage liveliness and allure.


Peronda FS Star by Francisco Segarra: A Celestial Symphony of Timeless Elegance

Step into the enchanting realm of Peronda FS Star, a mesmerizing creation by the visionary Francisco Segarra, available exclusively at Local Tile Co. This collection is more than mere tiles; it’s a celestial journey, an ode to the night sky’s poetic beauty translated onto exquisite surfaces.

Crafted with unparalleled precision and inspired by the cosmic ballet, each tile in the FS Star collection is a masterpiece. Francisco Segarra’s artistic genius shines through, as these tiles not only adorn your floors and walls but also elevate your space to a celestial realm. The intricate patterns and celestial motifs draw inspiration from starlit nights, infusing a sense of magic and sophistication into your surroundings.

The FS Star collection is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and the fusion of art with functionality. As you walk upon these tiles, you’re not just navigating a space – you’re traversing the cosmos. The timeless elegance embedded in each tile reflects a commitment to luxury and design excellence.

Suitable for both floors and walls, the FS Star collection offers versatility that allows you to create celestial landscapes in any setting. Whether in residential spaces or commercial environments, these tiles become a captivating canvas for your design aspirations. Illuminate your surroundings with the celestial radiance of Peronda FS Star, where every tile is a testament to Francisco Segarra’s visionary brilliance.

Transform your space into a sanctuary of cosmic charm, exclusively with the Peronda FS Star collection at Local Tile Co. Experience a symphony of elegance and celestial wonder that redefines your environment, one tile at a time. Elevate your space to new heights with the magical allure of Peronda FS Star – where the stars align with timeless sophistication.


Red Body Ceramic
4 colours Blue, Nero, Oxide, Sage
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