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Introducing Cross by Carmen Ape Grupo, an avant-garde tile collection available exclusively at Local Tile Co. These tiles redefine contemporary design with clean lines, geometric patterns, and a versatile color palette. Crafted with precision and innovation, the Cross series seamlessly blends style and functionality, offering a modern canvas for transforming kitchens, bathrooms, or any living space. Elevate your interiors with the dynamic and sophisticated ambiance of Cross, where each tile is a statement of contemporary elegance.


Embark on a journey of contemporary design with Cross by Carmen Ape Grupo, an exclusive tile collection available at Local Tile Co. The Cross series offers a modern interpretation of classic elements, combining clean lines, geometric patterns, and a palette of versatile colors to create a dynamic and sophisticated ambiance.

Crafted with precision and innovation, Cross tiles by Carmen Ape Grupo redefine the possibilities of modern design. The collection presents a seamless integration of style and functionality, making it a versatile choice for various spaces within your home or commercial project. Whether you’re transforming your kitchen, bathroom, or any other living area, the Cross series provides a canvas for creating striking visual statements.

The geometric patterns of Cross tiles add a layer of visual interest, offering a contemporary twist to traditional tile designs. The collection’s versatility extends beyond aesthetics, as these tiles are engineered for durability, ensuring a long-lasting and resilient solution for high-traffic areas.

Discover the intersection of form and function with Cross by Carmen Ape Grupo, where each tile is a reflection of contemporary elegance. Elevate your spaces with the modern aesthetic of this exclusive collection, available at our showroom located at 127 Main Street West, Shelburne.


24x24 24x48
White Taupe Sand
Square Rectangle
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