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Introducing Färgblock: A Ceramic Revolution by quintessenza ceramiche, in collaboration with Tekla Evelina Severin. Explore our dynamic 5x15cm porcelain stoneware tiles, curated for vibrant spaces. Discover playful color effects, bold contrasts, and harmonious tones. Elevate your design with Färgblock’s gloss finish and endless creative possibilities. Experience the power of color with Färgblock – Your Path to Vibrant Spaces.


Introducing Färgblock BY quintessenza ceramiche – a vibrant revelation in ceramic design, curated in collaboration with the visionary designer and colorist, Tekla Evelina Severin. Drawing inspiration from the fluidity and dynamism of color, Tekla infuses her unparalleled expertise into this groundbreaking collection.

At the heart of Färgblock lies a celebration of color’s inherent relativity. Tekla’s mantra, “Colour is never absolute, it is always relative, and it is what you put next to it that defines it,” sets the tone for a collection that transcends traditional boundaries.

Crafted with the intention to evoke vivacity and versatility, Färgblock offers a spectrum of playful color effects, striking contrasts, and harmonious tonal blends. Each hue is meticulously curated, drawing from Tekla’s eclectic array of inspirations – from her global travels to the nostalgic charm of historical landmarks, and the ever-shifting palettes of natural landscapes.

Tekla firmly believes in the profound impact of color on our well-being. Färgblock is not merely a collection of tiles; it’s an invitation to inhabit spaces infused with vibrancy, fostering both physical and mental comfort.

Available in a sleek 5x15cm porcelain stoneware format with a lustrous gloss finish, Färgblock seamlessly merges technical excellence with contemporary aesthetics. Whether it’s bold contrasts or subtle tonal interplays, the collection empowers designers and planners with endless possibilities. Filler and grouting options transform into essential tools, enhancing the creative potential of every project.

With Färgblock, quintessenza ceramiche and Tekla Evelina Severin redefine ceramic design, offering a canvas where color becomes the ultimate expression of individuality and style. Welcome to a world where every space tells a vibrant story.


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