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Equipe Village: Embracing Timeless Charm and Rustic Elegance

Journey into a realm where each tile tells a story of rustic allure and timeless charm with Equipe Village. As one of our best-selling brands at Local Tile Co, Equipe consistently redefines design expectations, and the Village collection stands as a captivating testament to the fusion of rustic elegance and enduring allure.

Village by Equipe is more than a tile collection; it’s an homage to the enduring beauty found in the simplicity of rural life. Each meticulously crafted tile captures the essence of quaint villages, offering a rustic aesthetic that transcends trends. The collection showcases a symphony of warm colors, natural textures, and authentic patterns that evoke a sense of nostalgia and timeless appeal.

Elevate your surfaces with the distinctive charm of Equipe Village tiles. The versatility of this collection makes it a perfect choice for various design applications, from transforming residential spaces into cozy havens to adding character to commercial environments. Exclusively available at Local Tile Co, Village allows you to infuse your spaces with the authentic charm of rural living.

Redefine your interiors with the luxurious rustic elegance of Equipe Village, where every tile becomes a bridge between the past and the present. The collection not only serves as a floor or wall covering but as a narrative of timeless design that celebrates the enduring allure of simplicity. Immerse yourself in the warmth of Village tiles, each one resonating with the rustic charm that encapsulates the spirit of countryside living.

Imbue your spaces with the timeless allure of Equipe Village, where every tile narrates a story of rustic elegance and enduring charm. Elevate your interiors with a collection that embraces the authenticity of rural aesthetics, offering a visual journey into the heart of timeless design. Experience Equipe Village, exclusively available at Local Tile Co, and let your surfaces become a canvas of rustic sophistication, creating an ambiance that transcends time and trends.


2.5x8 5x5
Rectangle, Square
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