Installation Products

Local Tile Co. in Shelburne, Ontario, is a reputable haven for all tile enthusiasts, boasting an impressive collection of top-notch tile installation brands, including Tec Specialty, Schluter, Flextile, Mapei, and Perfect Level Master. With an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, these brands have earned accolades for their innovative and reliable products. Tec Specialty offers a comprehensive range of adhesives and grouts, ensuring secure and long-lasting tile installations. Schluter excels in providing cutting-edge waterproofing and uncoupling solutions that enhance tile durability. Flextile is renowned for its flexible and versatile adhesives and grouts, ideal for various tile applications. Mapei delivers high-performance mortars and grouts, catering to diverse tiling projects. Perfect Level Master’s advanced leveling systems ensure precise and seamless tile installations. At Local Tile Co., the convergence of these reputable brands reaffirms the store’s commitment to offering the finest tile installation solutions, making it the go-to destination for all tiling needs in Dufferin County.

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