Ragno World

Ragno World stands as a distinguished brand in the realm of porcelain and ceramic tiles, redefining spaces with its commitment to innovation and design excellence. Renowned for its ability to blend tradition with remarkable design sensibility, Ragno World offers a diverse range of tiles that capture the essence of both beauty and functionality. A thoughtfully curated selection of their exceptional series is now showcased at Local Tile Co., conveniently located at 127 Main Street West, Shelburne, Ontario, L9V-3K3. The presence of ample parking behind the establishment ensures a seamless exploration of these outstanding offerings. This collaboration seamlessly marries global sophistication with local accessibility, empowering homeowners, architects, and designers to infuse spaces with a harmonious blend of aesthetics and resilience. Each series from Ragno World's porcelain and ceramic tiles collection is a testament to their unwavering dedication, ushering in an era of enduring refinement and captivating allure. Ragno's comprehensive offering spans from porcelain to white-body single-fired materials and glass mosaic, catering to indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings. The Ragno collection features clearly defined and reliable solutions that evolve with interior design trends, offering a complete and specialized range dedicated to residential spaces and architectural designs.

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