Ceramica Fioranese

Ceramica Fioranese, a distinguished Italian tile manufacturer, has carved its place in the industry with a remarkable history dating back to 1961. Founded in Fiorano Modenese, Italy, the company's roots are deeply intertwined with the region's rich ceramic heritage. Over the years, Ceramica Fioranese has honed its craftsmanship and design expertise, continuously embracing innovation while respecting tradition.

With a commitment to excellence, the company has developed an extensive portfolio of ceramic tiles that reflect a harmonious blend of creativity and technical precision. Ceramica Fioranese has consistently explored new frontiers in design, pushing the envelope with cutting-edge production techniques and materials.

Their collections often carry forward a reflection of nature, textures, and contemporary aesthetics, offering a wide array of choices to cater to diverse architectural and interior design projects. By fusing creativity, technology, and environmental responsibility, Ceramica Fioranese stands as a testament to the ever-evolving world of ceramic tile production.

At Local Tile Co., located at 127 Main Street West, Shelburne, Ontario L9V 3K3, select series from Ceramica Fioranese are showcased to provide customers with the opportunity to embrace this legacy of design excellence. Our professional installation services and ample parking behind the store ensure a seamless experience as you explore and integrate the captivating allure of Ceramica Fioranese tiles into your spaces.

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